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About "Adaptation Finance"

In this video,"Climate Change Finance" is explained on a global and national basis. There is, however, another level of finance that needs to be promoted in the United States..."personal adapation finance." Video courtesy Governance of Climate Change Finance Team for Asia-Pacific and YouTube.

A search on the web concerning "Adaptation Finance" (AF) brings up some pretty interesting, but myopic, results.

The most prominent is a site from the World Resources Institute (WRI). It defines "Adapation Finance" as, "Reducing the vulnerability of local communities exposed to climate change by increasing the volume and effectiveness of finance directed towards adaptation."

The focus is on "national finance systems" in efforts to help vulnerable populations. The WRI engages in this field of advocacy to build capacity in national governments "to manage and channel adaptation funds to those countries that need it most."

The WRI has struggled with a precise definition of AF. In October, 2013, it published "The Difficulty of Defining Adaptation Finance." This is because, in part, Adaptation Finance means different things to different people, and it is a relatively new concept.

The European Commission also focuses on the large, non-individual level. It contributes climate finance to developing countries by using certain funds established to help nations get ready for climate change. An excellent review of "climate finance" is provided in this post from the Guardian.

Our website seeks to foster discussion and action at the personal level. We bring a new dimension to the meaning of "Adaptation Finance." We stress the individual, not the city or state. My view is that each person has an individual responsibility to get ready, as best they can, to adapt to rising seas and climate change by saving and planning for what needs to be done. Such efforts, in conjunction with governmental planning on a larger scale, comprise the formula for our upcoming economic reality.

AF cannot be done, however, without appropriate laws, regulations and financial tools to create opportunities for personal involvement in the adaptation process. This takes responsible government action in partnership with financial experts.

Let's get to work.

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